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Each of us has his own expertise and exclusive touch of artist in solution finding.

We are a group of friends before everything. We began our work in different fields of business and developed a lot of beautiful jobs and projects, since mid 80’s. Then we came together in 90’s, to cumulate our experiences for bigger tasks and more beautifully satisfying works. Each of us has his own expertise and exclusive touch of artist in solution finding. Each of us has his own business, in different fields of commerce, finance, industry, mining, ICT, economics and geopolitical analysis, even in art, music and show business.
During near 40 years of economic boycott and sanctions in Iran, we had to work everywhere possible abroad. We went to Fareast, CIS countries, Persian Gulf region and African countries. We worked with Europeans and even tried South America for new ventures.
Now we have gathered to define and create new opportunities and businesses, in new openings of the market of the Century, Iran. In some way this means to us, a humanitarian indirect action too.

Nour Idea Kish PJS (Kish Island Free Zone Company), as a multi tasking and multilingual consultancy and business management, is the fruit of our adventures during all these years, at reach of new investors and those who have been far from Iranian market since last decade. Backed by our partners, we are almost capable of the best performance on art of business development, project management, realization and supervision.
Our advantage is not only enlightening your way in new ventures or relieve or solve your local headaches in Iran, CIS countries and in Persian Golf region. But we can also entirely realize your projects, or supervise the good performance of your venture on behalf of you here, for your benefit at a better cost.